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Must Have IPhone 7 Accessories

The iPhone 7 had been long-awaited, and finally got launched on the 16th of September 2016. With it came many accessories, designed specially to improve features and functions of the Apple flagship device. The number of accessories available for the device is mind blowing, with more and more coming into the market even to date. Notably, some have proven to be quite useful and essential, that any iPhone 7 user should have. Some of the top ones have been highlighted below.

Top 5 iPhone accessories

Casescolorful case

A case for the iPhone 7 is probably the first accessory that you should invest in. This is because of the many functions that it can play. Some include protecting your mobile device and giving it a cool appearance. They come in a wide variety for you to choose from, differences being in style, design, color, size, build and many others. If you wish to keep your smartphone in its mint condition, then investing in a good phone case is the first move you should take.

Screen protectors

Screen protectors are another great investment to make for an iPhone 7. Just as the phone cases, they are also chiefly designed to protect your smartphone. It ensures that the integrity of your phone screen remains in good condition, safe from any possible damage. If scratches are to occur, they will be on the screen protector, which can easily be replaced. They can even absorb all the shock when the phone falls down, for example, and even crack while the real screen remains intact.

Mains chargers

phone chargerDespite the great performance of the iPhone 7 battery, you will still have to charge it from time to time. There are some great accessories for charging, which will make the process a lot more convenient. Such include travel plug-in chargers and portable chargers as well. You can get an iPhone-charging hub to charge a number of devices at the same time, all from one mains outlet. There are also different types of charging outlets, which may require special chargers to be used. An example is a car charger for charging your iPhone 7 while driving.

Bluetooth kits

You can also get a suitable Bluetooth kit, which comes in quite handy whenever hands-free operation is required. Such can be specialized such as a car kit or a headset. They allow you to interact with your device without actually holding it. Voice command goes a long way to make it even more functional.…