techWith all of the advances in technology today, people who want to start their own tech businesses may find that this is a great time to get in the game.

Though the competition may be stiff, most tech companies are experiencing high profitable gains. In fact, based on information reported by the Business insider, tech stock investors are expecting that most tech businesses will be profitable. This is because, as compared to the dotcom bubble, 90% of tech companies today are now publicly traded.

It is important to note that small and large tech companies alike are benefiting from this astronomical growth. So, for investors who want to know where they should place their funds, they should look at some of the top profitable ventures in the industry today. Here’s 3 of the most prominent in the tech world.


Rovi can be described as a profitable global leader in providing innovative tech solutions. The technological solutions that they services a wide diversity of customers including Verizon, Sony, eBay, Samsung, Comcast, eBay, Panasonic and Google. Their specialty is digital entertainment.


Though IBM has been a dominant player in the tech industry for many decades, it is still thriving in a high position of profitability as well. According to Forbes, approximately 86% of their revenues are derived from various software solutions and value added services. While the expectations are high for this year, the ending results promises to be even higher.

Applied Materials

Applied Materials is another prominent player in the tech world. This companies claim to fame involves the manufacturing of semiconductor fabrication equipment. Further, this company has also merged with other global leaders to be a giant and formidable opponent in the technical world.

Small Tech Company Profitability

While there are many giants in the industry benefiting from greater profits today, there are also smallerat the Deepfield offices on Tuesday, March 26. Daniel Brenner I tech companies making great inventions that cannot be discounted or ignored. From developing the most advanced android devices to creating productive business software applications, these smaller companies are contributing greatly to the changes that people see in their homes, schools and business environments. By the same token, the innovations that they contribute are also resulting in profitable ventures that allows them to support their individual efforts.

With so many different awesome technological changes today, many tech companies are changing the face of society. These changes are not only valuable to the business world, they are also bringing in significant profits. So, the answer is yes, to the question, Are most tech companies profitable?