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Get A Six Pack

six pack manHow many months are needed to get a six pack?

This is a question that many guys (and even girls) want to know the answer to. It’s actually different for everyone and depends on a few factors including what your body shape is to begin with, your diet and what exercise you do. Let’s look at a few ways that you can speed up the process and make it possible for you to get a six pack in just 2-3 months.

Your diet

You shouldn’t be counting calories when trying to build a six pack, you should just ensure that you are eating the right kind of food and staying away from processed junk. Good carbohydrates is vital in gaining muscle – this includes brown rice, quinoa, brown pasta and oats. Protein should also be your new best friend and if you are a meat eater, all the better. You should get plenty of chicken in your diet, in addition to oily fish and eggs. You should be keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day with waterman doing exercise and stay away from sugar (especially the bad kind, like candy) as much as possible. Although you don’t necessarily need to count calories, losing fat on your stomach will expose the abs underneath. Eat SMALL but nutritious meals throughout the day for the best results.

Your exercise regime

If you have a lot to fat to lose, you need to be focusing on cardiovascular exercise whereas if you just want to build up muscle – weight training is probably the best option for you. Joining a gym and taking advantage of all the machines is probably a good idea. In addition to building muscle, lifting weights burns fat and boosts your metabolism – both of which are good for getting a six pack. Focusing on your core muscles is advised, there are many workouts on the internet that are centered around building six pack abs, so check them out.

ConclusionsixIt can be easy to be inpatient when it comes to certain body goals but results are not achieved overnight. If you want your six pack abs to stay for good, you need to go around things the right way and also remember that everyones body works in different ways. By adjusting your diet as recommended and working out your abs however, you should be well on your way to a six pack. I hope that this has answered the question, How many months are needed to get a six pack?…