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Factors To Consider When Buying Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are a great option to a large number of cycling enthusiasts. For people with health conditions that prevent them from cycling upright, recumbent bikes offer unparalleled comfort by eliminating discomfort in the arms, wrists, hands, back, neck and shoulders. Increased support in stationery bikes is also appealing to people who enjoy tour cycling. However, with over 200 models of recumbent bikes in the market, here are four important factors to consider when buying recumbent bikes.

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Price is the first thing that you should consider when buying recumbent bikes. These bikes are priced higher compared to upright bikes because they are not easily available. Also, they have a high-end office chair attached to them which adds to the price. The recumbent bikes you find at a low price range are easy to ride, serviceable but are massive while the highly priced ones are light weight, have more speed options, are made using exotic materials and have space age components.

Your height and weight

Most recumbent bikes are designed for particular riders weight and height. If you are short, it will be easy to ride recumbent bikes with a smaller front wheel, but if you are tall, you can ride any style you want. If your legs have circulatory issues or are overweight, you will want a bike with an extended wheelbase and a lower bottom bracket. However, if you want a sportier feeling bike and do not have any of these issues, a bike with a short wheelbase can be perfect.

Your riding style

man on bikeSimilar to upright bikes, recumbent bikes are designed with either comfort of performance in mind. However, it does not mean that the high-performance models are not comfortable but they cost more that upright bikes. The higher the bottom bracket of a recumbent bike, the more reclined the seat is, and the more aerodynamic the bike is meaning you will be able to ride faster.

Your level of fitness

Your level of fitness is another consideration you should make when buying recumbent bikes. If you are a casual rider, cycling only once in a while, a bike that does not cost much would be ideal. High-end bikes are designed for comfort. Therefore, you will be compromising on speed. However, if you ride frequently, you want a higher performing recumbent bike, it is prudent to fo for priced models that offer a combination of speed and comfort.…