There comes a time when the private car services are indispensable. Depending on the individual, the nature and demands of this need can vary. AAA Corporate Car & Limo is one of the companies that offers such services. However, most people cite the need for reliable transportation to an airport, weddings, or any other event that requires reliable transportation.

Primary reasons for hiring private car services


Ideally, whenever you schedule your ride with a private car provider, you are always assured of BLACK CARhaving a car at the exact moment when you will need it. As such, this brings in the aspect of dependability that is quite important to persons who need timely transportation services like meeting airport schedules considering that the plan cannot wait for you. Moreover, when alighting from a flight, you will also have a reliable transport means on your way back home.

Professional Services

Another advantage of this car services is professionalism. Using private cars, you are handled with experience and well-groomed professionals all way. Unlike Taxis and Uber that focus on just getting qualified drivers, private car services take their time to ascertain the credentials of the drivers before giving them a Job.


Besides the professionalism of the driver, most private car service providers value the convenience. Besides using top car models, private car service providers always ensure that their cars are serviced to for a comfortable ride. With
Private Car services, you are assured of an uninterrupted ride. In case the unfortunate happens, there are always some backup cars to rectify such situations.


There is a misconception that private car services are more expensive than Ubers and Taxis. As much as their charges
gray carare slightly higher than those charged by taxis, services provided by private car companies are not only good but dependable. Moreover, depending on your location, you can always get cheaper quotes considering that the services of most companies are usually centralised.

From experience, taxis are good for short and impromptu rides. However, you  might also consider having them for long distances. Irrespective of this, private car services still stand out. These companies provide real value for money considering the comfort, reliability and associated cost of travel. With a trip to the airport or event, try these services.…

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A third party logistics (3PL) company offers a combination of services that include warehousing, trucking, order fulfillment and shipping among other critical supply chain processes. You stand to save a lot of money by subcontracting logistics functions as opposed to handling all the operations by yourself. You can Visit Effective Logistics website for more details on logistic.  So, how will you ensure that the 3PL you are about to engage has everything it takes to manage your Supply Chain processes best?

Third-party logistics company

1. Check the company’s certification standards3PL

The basic measurement for 3PL companies is their certification. The primary certification body is ISO (International Standards Organisations). ISO standards are the highest in the industry. Consequently, you should base your decisions on them so as to entrust your supply chain services on a trustworthy company.

Additionally, researching smaller, local certifications before settling on any particular 3PL will go a long way in helping you land on your ideal third party logistics organization.

2. Resource Networks

Hire a 3pL Company that has sufficient resources and expertise to deliver on their mandate in a more efficient manner that you would, yourself. After all, this is the essence of engaging their services in the first place.

So, while interviewing a prospective company, research its resource networks particularly in its area of operation. The best 3PL has links outside your network and as such will use the links to leverage the fastest services and best prices for your organization.

3. Managed IT services

Managed IT services are services 3PL offer that may or may not exist in the physical location of the company. Examples include cloud technology (to enhance seed ) and technical support, helpdesk support, data storage and offsite 3-D printing. Opt for a 3PL company with all these managed IT services, especially the optional live customer care support.

4. Compare Quotes

C3PL 2reate RFI (Request for Information) and deliver to many 3PL companies. Settle for a 3PL that;

  • Is reputable
  • Embraces technology to the highest level possible
  • Can handle your imminent growth needs
  • Is prompt and courteous regardless of the size of the client the 3PL is working for, focusing attentively on your organization and needs
  • Offers the most competitive pricing that will not only satisfy your present needs but also address your future needs

In addition to the above expertly-recommended tips, read testimonials from past and present customers to know what they have to say about the company. You can achieve that by asking for their current customer lists, picking one customer (possibly someone you know) and asking them what they think about the services of the company. Hearing from such a neutral party is precious.…

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The iPhone 7 had been long-awaited, and finally got launched on the 16th of September 2016. With it came many accessories, designed specially to improve features and functions of the Apple flagship device. The number of accessories available for the device is mind blowing, with more and more coming into the market even to date. Notably, some have proven to be quite useful and essential, that any iPhone 7 user should have. Some of the top ones have been highlighted below.

Top 5 iPhone accessories

Casescolorful case

A case for the iPhone 7 is probably the first accessory that you should invest in. This is because of the many functions that it can play. Some include protecting your mobile device and giving it a cool appearance. They come in a wide variety for you to choose from, differences being in style, design, color, size, build and many others. If you wish to keep your smartphone in its mint condition, then investing in a good phone case is the first move you should take.

Screen protectors

Screen protectors are another great investment to make for an iPhone 7. Just as the phone cases, they are also chiefly designed to protect your smartphone. It ensures that the integrity of your phone screen remains in good condition, safe from any possible damage. If scratches are to occur, they will be on the screen protector, which can easily be replaced. They can even absorb all the shock when the phone falls down, for example, and even crack while the real screen remains intact.

Mains chargers

phone chargerDespite the great performance of the iPhone 7 battery, you will still have to charge it from time to time. There are some great accessories for charging, which will make the process a lot more convenient. Such include travel plug-in chargers and portable chargers as well. You can get an iPhone-charging hub to charge a number of devices at the same time, all from one mains outlet. There are also different types of charging outlets, which may require special chargers to be used. An example is a car charger for charging your iPhone 7 while driving.

Bluetooth kits

You can also get a suitable Bluetooth kit, which comes in quite handy whenever hands-free operation is required. Such can be specialized such as a car kit or a headset. They allow you to interact with your device without actually holding it. Voice command goes a long way to make it even more functional.…